Monday, September 28, 2015

Grow dendrites, grow....

The thing that I like best about pursuing my post graduate studies is being introduced to new things.  Along with the expected professional reading I have also had the opportunity to play around with Wordle, infographs, SmartArt and google docs.  These are probably familiar to many of you but to me, they were new tools to complement my learning.  Some took lots of trial and even more error to master but in the end I was rewarded with a sense of satisfaction at having mastered something new and even had a little fun.

Brain research tells us that to keep our neurons healthy we must exercise our brain by challenging ourselves to learn new things.  I am proud to say that my brain is tired but likely healthier for being pushed harder than it has in a while.

So take my advice.  Challenge yourself.  Keep those neurons healthy.  You'll thank yourself later.

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